About Us

Busrail has a unique structure, we are a consortium of owner operators, we take pride in our brand new fleet of luxury buses and our valued customers. Enjoy your experience of travelling in buses that have been specifically designed for rough road conditions to ensure optimum safety in any road or weather conditions.

Busrail is also introducing a Ticket Booking App and a unique Freight App for cargo and parcel deliveries.

We welcome corporations and individuals to participate as partners to jointly acquire buses within a corporate structure that is poised to dominate the market.

Roadrail, Searail, Airrail, Busrail, InnoCourier, InnoEat and InnoTaxi are brands managed by Innoauto Transport Association, a division of Innohabitat Ltd  (10269435). UK.

We are currently commencing operations in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

Head Office is located in London and the corporate structure is to appoint a Country Manager, Specialist Technical Managers, State/Regional Managers and Area Managers.  There is an private office owned and operated by one of Vehicle Tracking Manager located in Madina, Accra, Ghana. Kindly that all operations are run from the Head Office located in London and all contact should be made to London via Email, WhatApp or Skype as detailed on the contact page.

We have been in discussions with GIPC in Ghana in relation the regulations involved to incorporate a bus company in Ghana.  Our business model is to jointly invest in the buses as a consortium partner, however GIPC regulation require foreign owned bus company to have minimum of 25 buses in the country prior to commencing. Obviously commencing with 25 buses day one is not prudent and is not going to happen.  As such our new business model is to continue to operate from London with Local Managers in Ghana and to gradually establish 75 Branch Bus Terminals throughout the country to support the Busrail bus owners as foreigners are permitted to acquire property.  

NOTE:  We had intended to start a company and modest assembly plant in Tema Free Trade Zone to assemble InnoCourier vehicles. However, GFZB requires 70% of the product to be exported so to do business in Ghana it is more prudent to start the assembly plant in Togo and export to Ghana, isn’t that ironic.