Consortium Partner

The Introduction and the Process explains our consortium structure to foster aspiring professional Entrepreneurs to get on the bus business ladder. Limited to professionals in the Bank, Accountancy, Legal Firms  and corporations who are currently employed in a professional capacity with savings and a savings history.  This is also applicable to Teachers to participate in Project School Bus.

We have established a WhatsApp Group where people who qualify can participate to conversation to clarify any points.

The WhatsApp Group Link is: 

The first step is to confirm interest by completing the Response Form.

Prepare your asset and liabilities accounts for the loan application.

Receive Offer report, confirm bus selection and financials.

Find your partners, to qualify they are worthy to be your partner.  You need to have similar financial capacities as per income and savings on hand so that everyone can contribute and equal amount for the deposit and working capital.   You need to liaise with each other and be on the same page, have similar intentions as to the type of bus and the intended route, you will be a team working together to operate your own bus company.  A Team Pool WhatsApp group is provided for the purpose.

Furthermore, the team should work with other teams to discuss how they might work together to contribute to attend to common tasks such as compiling common information such as costs so as to achieve common goals such as preparing cash Profit and Loss Cash Flow Projections and Business Plan. 

The process will be somewhat easier as we are undertaking an unprecedented offer to provide the buses fully serviced and warrantied for five years. Yes, there are none of these operational costs (except for fuel) for five years.

The purpose of the WhatsApp group is to obtain information, when you are satisfied and confirm you will be included in Group for confirmed people wanting to proceed. As a Team Facilitator you are free to welcome people and remove people out of the Team or as a person you are free to leave a Team, or to start another Team or to ask a different Team if you can be included. It is your duty to qualify potential team mates and to make sure that they quality. It is not just about getting the participants, it is about being on the same page and getting along as partners.

The first step in this process is to complete the Response Form below so we are aware of you and your intentions to proceed.  Simply cut and paste the questions into an email.

You are welcome to call the Director Mr Gavin Tokely in London any time directly on WhatsApp:  +447 581 560 593  or Skype: gavintokely  or  email:

The next step is to complete the Response Form:  Click Here