The public transport industry in Ghana primarily comprises of very large Quasi Government organisations with fleets comprising of as many as eight hundred buses.

It is common public knowledge that these institutions are not run cost effectively and haemorrhage money resulting in poorly maintained and broken buses numbering in the many hundreds of buses.

This environment has allowed the entry of a number of private bus companies that have easily secured a prominent position in the market, there growth seemingly only limited by their access to funds to expand.

Innoauto Transport Association is introducing a new structure into the industry, one that allows companies and individuals to invest in the transport industry but to also have full management control of the finances and the buses they own.  Leveraging off a common brand in the market, investors benefit from significant economies of scale to dramatically increase efficiencies and maximise profits.  If an owner wants to drive or employ a driver, they can, if an owner wants to change the route, they can, they can do virtually anything they want within a management policy that they themselves set and monitor.  It is the owner’s committee that hire and fire the operations management and they control their own finances.

We feel that our corporate structure is much better than the Institutional and Private structures that are currently in the market. It is through this superior corporate structure that we are confident in entering the market and offering to joint venture with local investors wanting to enter the market in a 50/50 partnership.  We have a unique fleet engineered for rough road condition for vastly improved safety in all weather and road conditions. The fleet comprises of CNG Interstate Coaches, Buses and Minibuses and  City buses that can be made available on a first come first served basis subject to approval.

To provide peace of mind we are undertaking an unprecedented offer to provide the buses fully serviced and warrantied for five years. Yes, there are none of these operational costs (except for fuel) for five years.

This joint venture structure is particularly attractive to Churches as instead of managing an under utilised liability and risk, they can achieve significant benefits such as reducing the capital costs by half, maintain control of their fleet yet during the week the fleet is a fully managed profit centre.

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