Lease Contract

Busrail provides a turnkey fleet solution for Governments, corporations, mines, universities, banks, hotels, transport and tour companies where no capital is required.

New robust buses, 4WD limousines, 4WD Pickups, taxi and courier vehicles are provided with owner operator drivers to ensure the most professional and reliable service. 

There is no large capital investment nor any associated interest charges and no additional costs for servicing, maintenance, repairs, insurance, road tax, cleaning or driver employees.

Busrail Driver

The Serviced Fleet Lease solution includes specialised 4WD Pickup Trucks with significantly enhanced off-road capabilities. The is designed in conjunction with the Isuzu factory specifically for the mining industry and is unlike anything that you could imagine.


Official Exclusive Distributor of GINAF, we provide long term serviced fleet haulage contracts for absolute and complete peace of mind and reliability. GINAF heavy duty construction machinery, having 70 years extensive manufacturing experience and knowledge, has developed and applied groundbreaking technology. GINAF has perfected specialised hydraulic suspension, multi–axle steering, heavy chassis structures and a many safety features and protocols. This gives GINAF equipment the power to make operation more productive, efficient and safe!



The Serviced Fleet Lease solution extends to specialised off-road road-trains for long term haulage contracts. 

InnoHaul HL