Thank you for considering participating in Busrail.

We have prepared a process to greatly assist the likelihood of us collaborating.

We have a number of ways that we may be able to leverage your modest deposit amount for you.

  • This might include providing access to special arrangements with local banks by reducing risk by providing increased collateralised security through to low interest foreign loan for established corporations.

  • Should you wish to proceed, the first thing to ascertain is your true financial capacity.  Thereafter, to determine your participation preferences such as what type of bus, what percentage and how many etc and then how best to achieve those preferences.

  • One could choose to pay cash for the acquisition and if so then Proof of Funds would suffice to move forward.  However, it may be more financially prudent to leverage of the modest deposit to secure a loan.

  • The loan process for corporations requires audited accounts for the last three years.  If required we make an Accountant available to review the accounts to ensure all is in order for a loan application.  Furthermore, the review will determine the scope of the solution that can be provided.

  • Your preference for the number and type of bus, the preferred route and if you want to be actively or passively involved, will all be determined in the consultative process. After which a report will be prepared and presented to you for your consideration.  The report will include detailed pricing and loan payments of the various bus and loan options that are likely to be available to you so that you can make an informed decision prior to commencing.  Should you choose to proceed, the acquisition agreement shall be put in place that is subject to loan approval.

  • There will be no charge for any of this to occur. However, if you are an established corporation and do not have audited accounts, then you could discuss the options available to prepare them with the Accountant.

  • The Accountant will then guide you through the loan application process.  All intricacies are detailed in the agreement prior to proceeding so you are kept well informed.  No money is required to be paid at any time during the loan approval process.  (Kindly note that no money is ever to be paid to any Area Managers)

  • NOTE: We also offer a various share options in a consortium structure to foster aspiring professional Entrepreneurs to get on the bus business ladder. Limited to professionals in the Bank, Accountancy, Legal Firms  and corporations who are currently employed in a professional capacity with savings and a savings history.  For more information click here.

You are welcome to call the Director Mr Gavin Tokely in London any time directly on WhatsApp:  +447 581 560 593  or Skype: gavintokely  or  email:

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