Project School Bus

Project School Bus is a holistic and realistic solution to fund new hassle-free buses for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

The solution is based on our Consortium Partner offer, however instead of using the bus for Public Transport, the bus is used to transport school children or adult students to and from Schools, Colleges and Universities in the mornings and afternoons, for public transport during the day and for Churches during the weekends.

School buses are vital for efficiencies and development of the school but operating a school bus is problematic because typically old buses are used and bogus repair bills make the buses unviable.  Whereas, Project School Bus uses brand new buses that are specially engineered for rough road conditions and include full servicing and warrantee repairs for five years, so there are zero associated costs in addition to generating three income steams to significantly improve profitability.


Project School Bus is a wealth creation model for school teachers who form a consortium to acquire a 10% share in the bus business.  The teachers require a small deposit and we will arrange an application for loan from a local bank for the balance of their 1/10th share.  Teachers may also have multiple shares in one bus or a share in multiple buses.

Because the buses will be used for additional purposes they will have adult seats, but the seats will be made from a comfortable plastic for durability. It is suggested that Bus Pass Subscriptions are sold per Term or Semester to parents and a bond is applicable for damages which is strictly enforced and Bus Pass Subscriptions terminated and not renewed.

Relationships or Partnerships are formed with local Churches to transport the Church congregation and Innoauto Transport Association shall manage the Public Transport side.

Each bus or fleet of buses are owned by a company that is owned by the Partners in the consortium.

Combine and Conquer; unlock the power of prosperity through collaboration, join a consortium today.

We are looking for pro-active people in cities and towns in Ghana and Nigeria to drive Project School Bus.  For more information Click Here.

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